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Health System Deputy Financial Officer

This position has been filled.
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Health System Financial Officer
Type of Position: 
Regular Full Time
Little Axe Health Center / 15951 Little Axe Dr. / Norman, OK 73026
General Description
This position supports the FO and acts as the Deputy Director for the Finance/Business Office in absence of FO; employee produces rich, in-depth content for analyzing the implications of AST Health Programs financial actions on day' to day business operations. This role's primary responsibility will be to research, analyze, gather quantitative data, and build high-level budget and financial analysis to assess the impact of potential outcomes. Serves as the conduit for health system revenue-cycle accountability and viable patient financial services department; alerts leadership to changes and challenges emerging that could interrupt revenue-cycle production within the health system as to allow leadership response(s) to be timely and actionable to prevent losses as well as assure and sustain ongoing audit ready accountability to both the Tribe and Health System.
Responsibilites & Duties
Create, design, and maintenance of complex models and statistical reports to extract accurate information needed for making data based business decisions. Task includes development and production of "key statistical" report.
Develop methods for consistency and validity checking to assure accurate and meaningful results.
Monitor Medical cost and utilization trends and analyze data on a monthly basis.
Through clear written and oral communication, explain key analytical findings to identify appropriate actions and monitor outcomes.
Evaluate Clinical & Contracting initiative and report findings to key AST Health Staff, ASTHA & LSWN Health Boards, and Health Programs Director when needed.
Incorporating metrics and benchmarks (both internal and external) to proactively identify and evaluate both leading and trailing indicators of medical management/health services processes resulting cost and utilization trends.
Participate in various corporate cross-functional teams.
Perform analysis for various committees and departments.
Preparation Third Party Accounts Receivable reports, reconciliation and month end as related to the Finance Area.
Reviews invoices for payment, medical, surgical, durable medical goods, and diagnostic related services including oversight of the accounts payable department, working with departmental and grant budgets.
Report data compilation for the rate case filings and responsible for the data compilation on the quarterly audit request.
Oversees and directs third party billing and ensures all claims are processed correctly.
Work is performed and coordinated closely with Contract Health, Business Operations, Health Programs Director, and AST Finance department to create a workable solution for potential problems.
Performs other duties as assigned or requested by the Health Programs Executive Director or Financial Officer.
Present Third Party report and or monthly financials at board meetings, tribal meetings, and other venues as approved by supervisor.
Assist and coordinate with the annual audit and lead/senior auditor or auditing firm.
Leads “Action Teams” for special assessments and to address problems in programs as tasked by the health system in coordination with program directors.
Assists with Indirect Cost Proposal, review and ensure that monthly indirect cost expense calculation is correct in pursuant to Interior Business Center Approved proposal.
Responsible for Health System’s monthly budget review, communicates with department director with budget modifications, budget increase and assists annual budget preparation.
Review all health systems travel requests, travel settlements for accuracy and to ensure timely release of per diem and travel refund checks.
Assists and trains staff, managers and directors with financial statement and budget literacy and implementation.
Reconcile the Accounts Receivable and Home Health Bank Accounts as requested by supervisor.
Prepare Home Health Monthly Financials if necessary.
Other duties as assigned.
Education, Qualifications & Requirements
Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Finance, Mathematics, Statistics, CIS, or a Healthcare related degree.
 8-10 years progressive experience in Tribal Health Patient Financial Systems, Business Office, Budgeting preparation execution and reporting, coordinating/receiving auditors.
Minimum of three (3) years related experience in Healthcare, principally in a Medical Economics/Clinical environment; along with Finance experience.
An understanding of data warehousing and relational database concepts is a plus.
Ability to communicate with all levels in the organization.
Ability to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to unique and complex analyses.
Must be detailed oriented and be able to work with little or no supervision.
Must pass background check and drug screening
Ability to apply process methodology, manages projects, and analyzes findings.
Outstanding interpersonal skills, requisite poise, judgment and trustworthiness to work collaboratively with internal and external groups such as the person's immediate management, the Tribe's elected officials, the Tribe's citizens, and Federal and State officials.
Able to work independently, work under pressure and to deal with detail.
Excellent problem solving skills including the problems inherent to a health clinic setting.
Must possess a valid Oklahoma Driver’s License.
Must be able to pass a background check and drug screen.
Native American Preference/EOE/Drug Free Workplace.
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7 months 6 days ago