Cultural Outreach Coordinator

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Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence Director

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Regular Full Time


Absentee Shawnee Tribe / 2025 S. Gordon Cooper Dr. / Shawnee, OK 74801
The Cultural Outreach Coordinator assists victims/survivors of elder abuse, survivors of homicide, adult victims of child sexual assault/abuse, as well as victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, sex trafficking and stalking with their current situation. They will respond to referrals of elder abuse/neglect, complete intakes and provide case management services. Incorporate cultural practices and lifeways into the program and develop cultural activities and culturally appropriate healing options for victims of crime. Develop self-care planners and outreach awareness activities.


·        Meet with victims of crime to assist with short term and long-term needs including victims of elder abuse, survivors of homicide, adult victims of child sexual assault/abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and human trafficking.
·        Provide crisis intervention and stabilization for elder abuse victims. Provide linkages/referrals to community services.
·        Provide case management services to assist with: reduction in victimization, increased level of functioning, improved capacity for independence, reduction in level of isolation.
·        Possess strong knowledge of elder domestic/family/sexual abuse, crisis intervention and community wide resources.
·        Maintain a commitment to quality client service for the agency, allied partners, members, and communities at large.
·        Assist victims in knowing their rights about obtaining a Protective Order and what to do when the Order is violated.
•      Maintains regular office hours for meeting with victims to make it easier for the victim to initiate criminal proceedings or
        receive assistance.
·        Develop and maintain working relationship with Tribal Elders and pertinent departments operating within the Tribe.
·        Incorporate cultural practices and traditional ways to support victims of crime such as talking circle, sweat lodges, and other cultural activities to help support healing for crime victims.
·        Accompany client to law enforcement, attorney meetings, and court hearings.
·        Maintain appropriate client records, analyze and report client and program data.
·        Maintain client database.
·        Perform all duties required to achieve OVC objectives.
·        Complete client intake forms, documents services and referrals provided; conduct thorough case management on all cases to include follow-up contacts.
·        Works closely and interacts with attorney, detectives, deputies, patrol officers, supervisors, service providers, and other advocates, governmental agencies, and the general public to ensure a survivor’s rights and needs are addressed.
·        Responds to cases where a victim of crime advocate is required during and/or after business hours.
·        Presents to community groups and others interested in issues related to services for victims of crimes throughout Oklahoma, Pottawatomie and Cleveland County.
·        Provide support, referrals, and information related to crime victim’s rights and victim compensation information and applications.
·        Provide outreach events to publicize OVC program and services.
·        Must be willing to work flexible hours (nights, evenings, weekends, holidays, etc.) to meet the needs of clients and their families.
·        Travel to meet OVC (Office Victims of Crime) continued education standards. Travel to specified  advocacy trainings and/or conferences by the OVC. Travel expenses paid by the project.
·        Able to confront and solve basic practical issues and problems that may arise in a variety of situations.
·        Empower clients to achieve goals and make positive changes in their lives.
·        Must be willing to work extended hours and be on call to assist crime victims at the scene.
·        Physical requirements include bending, stooping, and at times lifting up to 50lbs.
•      Perform other duties as assigned.

Education Requirements

·        Bachelor Degree in Social Work or a related field preferred; or equivalent combination of education and experience.
·        Preference will be given to persons with the following or similar certifications: Certified Domestic & Sexual Violence Response Professional, State-Certified Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Training Program or SANE/SART (sexual assault nurse examiner/sexual assault response team).
·        Must possess a valid Oklahoma Driver’s license.
·        Must be able to pass a background check.
·        Native American Preference/EOE/Drug Free Workplace

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