The Media Department provides information to the Tribe through the printing of The Absentee Shawnee News, the monthly tribal newsletter. We also print in-house jobs for the various departments within the Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma and we are also now open to the public.

The Media Department has reopened the print shop in Tecumseh with the intention of provided cost-effective printing for the Tribe and to bring in funds to help cover the costs of maintaining the Media Department. We strive to provide up to date information and current news within the monthly newsletter.
If you have an article you would like placed in the newsletter please call one of the phone numbers listed below or send an email. Just be aware that we will not print controversial or adversarial articles. To be considerate of everyone on the birthday page, we can only print one picture of the birthday person.


Editorial Board Meeting

Editorial Board Mtg. 06-12-14

Media Director
Mindy Longhorn
Phone: 405-598-1279
Cell Phone: 405-617-6226
Media Department Location
219 E. Walnut
Tecumseh, OK