Treasurer's Office

Joseph Blanchard


Joseph H. Blanchard is the current Treasurer and was elected to office in June 2020.  As a part of his Constitutional duties, he is to keep accurate records of disbursements and receivables for audits; to protect, safeguard and invest funds in a manner which will provide the maximum security with the best investment return, to be carried out through competition, proper oversight, and financial accountability.  In addition, promote an efficient fiscal policy in a responsible manner while adhering to the highest order of ethical standards, honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

The Office of the Treasurer has oversight responsibilities for Finance, Grants, Procurement, Realty, Agriculture and Social Services.  In addition, he currently serves as the Liaison to AllNations Bank, AST Health Authority, AST Tax Commission and the AST Veteran’s Association.

Joseph is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma, with a degree in History and a minor in Psychology.  As a professional, he also sits on the Board of Directors for Crossroads Youth and Family Services, and is one of the newest members for the Sovereign Community School Board of Education.  In his spare moments, he enjoys spending time with his wife Twyla and the four children they’ve raised: Dakota, Solomon, Kyerra, and Erika.  They can typically be found at an athletic event, supporting local schools and extended family at a nearby gym or ballfield, or tending to duties at the family farm.

Office of the Treasurer

Building 1
2025 S Gordon Cooper Drive
Shawnee, OK 74801

Joseph Blanchard
Tribal Treasurer
P: 405.275.4030 x 3510

Shana Pickeny
Executive Assistant
P: 405.275.4030 x 3511