Administers the Tribe's eight (8) education programs. Programs serve tribal members from Pre-Kindergarten through Doctorate degrees. Tribal Youth Program serves youth ages 11-17 years old.

The long range goal of the Education Department is to provide programs necessary to assist eligible enrolled Absentee Shawnee Tribal members in acquiring the education, training, and job skills necessary to achieve educational goals at all levels and to gain or enhance employment.

The goals of the Camp Nikoti Tribal Youth Program are to provide native youth and their peers with positive alternatives to encourage success in school and to promote healthy life choices.

Academic (PK-12) Program

Assists with academic related expenses. A portion of funds can be used for school related athletic program expenses.The program has a maximum funding limit for the academic year.

Zahn Program

Established from a trust fund, program can help with some graduation expenses and awards two (2) incentives: one for GED recipients and one for High School graduates. Program has a maximum amount of funding for graduation expenses.

Big Jim Youth Award Program

Annual incentive for High School Seniors for Academic Achievement and Athlete of the Year. Deadline for application submission is March 31st of each year.

Job Training Adult Education Program (JTAEP)

Assists tribal members with vocational training at accredited vocational institutions. Program has a maximum funding limit for the calendar year or per program.

Higher Education Incentive Award Program

Funds for undergraduate degrees, one associates or bachelors degree, at any accredited college or university. Funding levels are determined based upon grade point average and full time or part time status.

Graduate Scholarship Program

Funds for one masters degree or one doctoral degree, and can fund for one graduate admissions test. This program has funding levels based upon full time and part time status

Johnson O'Malley (JOM)

The JOM Program services is now part of 477

ARPA Education Incentive and Support Program (ARPA EISP)
Provides educational assistance using American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds designated to the Absentee Shawnee Tribe Education Department. Program guidelines will aid in efficient and objective distribution of limited resources to eligible applicants. These guidelines may be updated periodically for the duration of the program to meet the needs of tribal members.