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Lt. Governor
Ezra DeLodge


Ezra M. DeLodge is the current Lieutenant Governor of the Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma. The office of Lieutenant Governor has responsibilities, per the AST Constitution, which are delegated to the office by the Governor, by actions of the Executive Committee, or General Council.  In the absence of the Governor, or during procedures to remove or recall him, the Lieutenant Governor shall possess all other privileges, authority, and responsibility of the Office of the Governor.

The Office of Lieutenant Governor currently has oversight of the Maintenance Department, Self-Governance (BIA), BIA Roads Program, Office of Environmental Health and Engineering (OEH/E), Agricultural Department and Land Management.

DeLodge has a Bachelor’s of Science-Business (Cum Laude) and a Masters of Business Administration Degree from Saint Gregory’s University.  With a concentration in Policy and Strategic Management, Global Operations Management, Financial Management, Applied Business Research/Statistics, International Business, and Business Ethics/Corporate Social Responsibilities, he feels his education has played a very important role in various aspects of the business world. Equally important, and through a dedicated work experience he has been able to develop a proficient and forward-thinking mindset and become skilled in Business Administration, Tribal Gaming/Regulation, Budgeting, Operations Management, Auditing and Business Analytics.

Office of the Lt. Governor

Building 2
2025 S Gordon Cooper Drive
Shawnee, OK 74801

Ezra DeLodge
Tribal Lt. Governor
P: 405.275.4030 x 3503

Executive Administrative Assistant
P: 405.275.4030 x 3504

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