Cultural Preservation

Cultural Preservation Department

Suhaila Nease
Cultural Preservation Director
(405) 275-4030 ext. 6245



Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO) 

The THPO program pursues, evaluates, and determines necessary response for our tribe's areas of interest in the past and present day Shawnee land base in over twenty-five (25) different states.  An application for assuming State Historic Preservation Office responsibilities was completed in 2002 and submitted to the Department of Interior, the National Park Service, and the National Center of Cultural Resources.  We were granted THPO status in 2004 and were the 45th tribe to obtain this status and assume historic preservation duties that were previously a responsibility of the state.  Section 106 of National Historic Preservation Act states that any agency that is doing a federally funded or federally permitted project in any of our tribal areas of interest (including aboriginal lands) is required to consult with our tribe in the preliminary stages of planning.  Our office receives, at least, thirty (30) letters and one hundred (100) emails weekly concerning cases for Section 106, TCNS (Tower Construction Notification System), and NAGRPA (Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act) notifications.   
Devon Frazier
Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
(405) 275-4030 ext. 6243
Ashley Brokeshoulder
THPO Specialist
(405) 275-4030 ext. 6312
Kyra Underwood
THPO AP/AR Specialist
(405) 275-4030 ext. 6238


Gift Shop

The Gift Shop attempts to provide goods and products for tribal members and regional customers. During the end of 2018, we were able to open a second gift shop at the Little Axe Health Clinic.  We are very excited about the expansion and hope this location will be of great convenience to our tribal members in that area.  Please contact our office for questions regarding hours of operation, locations, and inventory.       
Merry Rodriguez
Gift Shop Manager
(405) 275-4030 ext. 6310



The Absentee Shawnee Library boasts a collection of over one thousand (1,000) materials ranging from books, reference and research items, DVDs, magazines and music CDs. There are also two public computers with internet access and printing capabilities.  Please contact our office for questions regarding the library.        
Kimberlee Billie
Administrative Assistant / Library Technician
(405) 275-4030 ext. 6416