Systems Administrator

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Information Technology

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Health IT Director

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Regular Full Time


Little Axe Health Center / 15951 Little Axe Dr. / Norman, OK 73026
Responsible for maintaining physical and virtual IT infrastructure for the AST Health System. Primary duties include deployment, maintenance, and troubleshooting of: back-end and connectivity hardware; physical and virtual servers; operating systems, applications, services, and databases. Responsibilities include virtualization, storage, networking, security & compliance, researching and implementing software solutions to fit needs, and performing programming/scripting as necessary to automate tasks or run reports.
• Apply knowledge and expertise toward maintaining an enterprise-class IT system.
• Troubleshoot and resolve problems that arise to maintain a consistently operational IT system.
• Maintain uptime and security of servers, VMs, SANs, networks, databases, and data files
• Monitor and improve overall system performance and make existing processes more efficient.
• Maintain multi-site architecture of SANs, VM clusters/hosts, and VMs including VM templates; monitor utilization of resources; configure and optimize performance; monitor and maintain SAN-to-SAN replication
• Monitor, implement, and enforce disaster recovery procedures; perform testing periodically to ensure procedures are effective.
• Perform server, workstation, network, and database administration and tuning as needed.
• Maintain firewall, switches, routers, wireless server and access points focusing on continued operation, security, and performance; modify configuration as needs evolve
• Stay informed of evolving security issues, and install software and patches as required.
• Manage AST Health System website, ensuring security and uptime, applying patches, adding requested content, building templates for new types of content, and doing layout and graphic design as needed
• Determine need for software solutions and whether to build or buy; develop (software, databases, etc. as necessary), implement, and maintain solutions
• Maintain existing solutions such as ticketing systems, computer imaging, secure file transfer, code repositories, business intelligence, software updates, and other established servers and services
• Create ad-hoc reports or data exports for workload, planning, grants, and other reporting purposes; mesh data from various databases/systems as required to generate them; build reports or data exports in a framework users can use on-demand such as on a business intelligence server or in a spreadsheet
• Document IT processes that may need to be repeated in the future by other IT staff; write technical documents on an end-user level for tasks they may often perform to reduce time IT staff spends on common problems
• Ensure that licensing and subscriptions are kept up to date and renewed as required.
• Assist in planning, budgeting, and purchasing for current and future IT needs and requirements.
• Quote/buy, add, configure, and dispose of hardware as needed—server, workstation, rack, KVM, UPS, printer, scanner, copier, phone, fax, switch, router, firewall, audio/video equipment, and other peripherals and accessories
• Maintain and improve knowledge of best practices and industry standards by attending training, reading subject-matter books, and acquiring certifications
• Setup, disable/delete, unlock, and otherwise maintain user accounts in Active Directory, Exchange, and individual software applications as needed
• End-user support and other duties as assigned
• B.S. in Computer Science preferred; five years experience required.


• Expertise in a Microsoft Active Directory environment with Group Policy, DHCP, DNS, WSUS, LDAP queries and updates, user management, ACLs on Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012


• Experience building, deploying, and maintaining Linux servers, applications, services, security, and updates.


• Experience managing Microsoft Exchange 2013 from web GUI and CLI


• Experience managing VMWare ESX, vCenter, and vSphere; EqualLogic SANs; and Dell servers


• Experience with a broad range of networking hardware such as Alcatel-Lucent, HP, Dell, Netgear, and Linksys, and managing VPNs, VLANs, wifi, and limited VoIP and analog phone/fax support


• Experience with firewall management, FortiGate preferred


• Experience managing a variety of databases including Microsoft SQL Server, mysql, and Firebird


• Experience managing LAMP (Linux, Apache, mysql, PHP) servers; designing and modifying web content in a CMS (Drupal preferred); designing graphics a plus


• Experience in systems analysis (build or buy, system development life cycle, cost analysis), programming (C++, SQL, PHP, Java) and scripting (PowerShell, VBScript, VBA, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, bash, regex); developing as a team; and managing and using code repositories like Git, SVN, and CVS


• Experience creating, editing, and merging data in file formats such as Excel, CSV, and HL7


• Experience building visually concise, easily digested reports in Excel, CrystalReports, etc.; business intelligence platforms such as Pentaho a plus


• Experience with imaging solutions like FOG, ticketing systems like Spiceworks, Business Process Management software like ProcessMaker, third party software update solutions like PDQ Deploy


• Experience with securing data and systems through public and private key generation and use (such as SSL/TLS); Kerberos and NTLM authentication; and SSO


• Experience configuring and using (and helping end users with) a wide range of software and files—Microsoft Office, Visio, Adobe Acrobat Professional, etc.—and in finding and using new software as the need arises


• Strong problem solving, analytical, and troubleshooting skills; good verbal and written communicator; able to multitask; good at organizing and presenting data; able to work at direction or autonomously; proactive; lifelong learner; excellent at researching problems online

Posted Date: 

2 years 7 months ago