American Rescue Plan

You May Be Eligible for a $0 Cost Health Plan Under the American Rescue Plan.
Help yourself, help your tribe and see if you will qualify for coverage that will provide you and your family with immediate access to specialized healthcare at no cost to you or your tribe.
Did you know? The American Rescue Plan (ARP), recently signed into law by President Biden, increases and expands eligibility for cost-savings programs under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the form of premium cost assistance for individuals enrolled in Health Insurance Marketplace plans.
The premium assistance is in the form of a IRS Advance Premium Tax Credit taken in advance of the tax year, lowering or eliminating health insurance premiums for lower-and middle income families. Signing up for a low-or-zero cost health plan allows tribes to receive reimbursement for services, which frees up more dollars to help those who are not eligible for cost savings programs, helping Purchased Referred Care dollars go further.
Native Americans must apply for all available resources, if eligible, to help augment the cost of tribal healthcare services
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