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Tribal Opioid Response (TOR) (PRSS) Peer Recovery Support Specialist

This position is currently open.
Reports To: 
TOR Principle Investigator
Type of Position: 
Regular Full Time
Little Axe Health Center / 15951 Little Axe Dr. / Norman, OK 73026
General Description
The Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist (PRSS) fulfills a unique role in the support and recovery from mental illness and substance abuse disorders. A PRSS is a person in recovery from a mental illness and/or substance abuse disorder, who has been trained to work with others on his/her individual road to recovery. This training incorporates the PRSS’s recovery experience as a means of inspiring hope in those they serve, as well as providing a positive role model to others. A PRSS works in collaboration with the people we serve as well as clinical staff in the best interests of the individual's recovery process. There are many positive roles that a PRSS can fulfill in an organization based on their individual skills, experience, education, and desires. Peer Recovery Support Specialists offer the advantage of lived experience from serious mental illness and/or substance abuse.
Essential Duties & Responsibilites
The Peer support Specialist will use their personal experiences to develop meaningful and trusting relationships with clients, acting as a mentor.
The Peer Support Specialist works to build a community of both patients and staff that is supportive and conducive to patient growth and recovery.
Peer Support Specialists link up with various community organizations and resources to provide additional support for patients, particularly as they transition from recovery back into the general community. This can include continued healthcare, housing, job assistance, and additional treatment services.
In order to support the facility, the Peer Support Specialist handles some of the logistics of patient arrival and departure. This includes arranging or providing transportation for the patient, managing follow-up appointments, and working with facility administrators and discharge staff members.
Provide general health and behavioral health education.
Responsible for liaising between clients, families, the community and health care providers to ensure clients and families understand conditions and treatment.
Assist with clinic services, community health promotion and disease prevention events in presenting health education to individuals and community
Works with other grant staff in hosting monthly outreach activities set forth by Behavioral Health grant team.
Travel if necessary to meet grant requirements
Other duties as assigned
Education Requirements and Qualifications
High School Diploma or equivalent
Minimum one year participation in local or national client advocacy or knowledge in the area of mental health recovery
Successful completion of the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS)Peer Recover Support Provider Training
Current ODMHSAS Recover Support Provider certification preferred
Valid Oklahoma driver’s license, and clean driving record
General skill in exercising independent judgment, tact, patience, and understanding; maintaining effective working relationships with clients, other staff, and the community
Must complete all in-service and external training requirements
Immediate to advanced computer skills (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.)
Culturally sensitive.
Native American Preference/EEO/Drug Free Workplace
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1 month 1 day ago