Graduation Stole Request Form

AST High School Seniors
Graduation Stole Request Form
The information you provide below will be used to contact you regarding your application, where your stole will be sent to, or scheduling a time for you to pick up your stole. Make sure the information is current. If your contact information changes after you submit your application notify the Education Department immediately. We will not be responsible for lost stoles, stoles being sent to incorrect addresses, or the inability to schedule a pick up time.
**Stoles will be available on a first come, first served basis.**
How would you like to receive your stole?     ☐Pick up         ☐Mail
*If picking up a stole, you will be called to schedule a pick up time.
Required documents:
  • Class schedule: 12th grade enrollment
Tribal Enrollment Card
  • Copy (must be the updated card)