Tribal Organizational Assessment (ICW)

Tribal Organizational Assessment

Information Form for Interviews

You are invited to participate in an interview as part of a Tribal Organizational Assessment requested by your tribal child welfare program. This interview will take the form of a conversation between yourself and a staff person from the Capacity Building Center for Tribes.

The Tribal Organizational Assessment

The Tribal Organizational Assessment is an in-depth review of the tribal child welfare program.  The assessment looks closely at the program’s operations and staffing, its partnerships with other programs and community agencies, and its relationship with the tribal community. The assessment seeks to identify the tribal child welfare program’s strengths and areas for improvement.
The Tribal Organizational Assessment is built upon a foundation of interviews with individuals who have knowledge of the tribal child welfare program, or who have ideas about the needs of children, families, and the tribal community. Your interview will contribute important information for the assessment.

Your Participation

Staff from the tribal child welfare program value your opinion and want us to ask you how the program is doing. We will keep our conversation to 1-1.5 hours. You can choose not to answer any question asked and can stop the conversation at any time.

How We Use Your Feedback

We’ll take your feedback and combine it with feedback from other community members into the Tribal Organizational Assessment report. The report provides a summary of program strengths and challenges and will make recommendations for managing and improving the program. Capacity Building Center for Tribes staff will return to the tribal community after completing the report to present and discuss findings of the assessment.

Thank You

We know your time is valuable, and we thank you for your participation. If you have any questions at all about the assessment, please feel free to contact the Capacity Building Center for Tribes’ Evaluation Manager: Salvador Armendariz at