Volunteer Assistance Requested

The Absentee Shawnee Tribe Department of Public Safety has been diligent in the response to the severe weather impacts. Now that initial damage assessments have ended and response plans are in place, we are looking to coordinate with willing AST volunteers to assist in recovery efforts. Seminole County and the City of Seminole will be our primary location for providing our assistance.
If you are interested in volunteering your time and efforts to assist our neighboring communities, please reach out to the following forms of contact:
- ASTEM@astribe.com
405.740.1502 [if you do not receive an answer immediately, please leave a voicemail so we may call you back]
The information we will require will be your:
o Name
o Contact Number
o Capabilities (What efforts you wish to provide assistance with)
We will be collecting contact information for volunteers over the weekend and will formulate an action plan based on the strengths and capabilities of the volunteers we receive. ASTEM will be in communication with Seminole County Emergency Management, City of Seminole Emergency Management, FEMA, and the American Red Cross to receive updates on types of assistance needed.
Expect follow up calls about your volunteer inquiries early next week, as the current work force in the Seminole area will greatly appreciate relief in the form of fresh bodies and minds.
At the moment we have been informed that debris collection and removal is of high priority and will gladly accept those who would be willing to assist with those efforts.
We look forward to coordinating our efforts with you in assisting our communities!