Warming Shelters Remain Open

There is a strong possibility tribal members will experience rolling power outages today. There have been reports that power has been out for several hours. If any Tribal Members do experience power outages, please report them immediately to the Winter Weather Call Line at 405.740.1562.
The Warming Shelters continue to remain open to Tribal members. If you find yourself unable to travel in these weather conditions please reach out to the Winter Weather Call Line at 405.740.1562.
If you have questions or plan on attending either of the warming shelters, please reach out to the designated contact line for each shelter before you leave your home. (see below).
Multi-Purpose Facility (Shawnee): 405.740.1562
Little Axe Health Clinic (Little Axe): 405.481.8564.
The designated shelters are the Multi-Purpose Building located at 2029 James L. Edwards Lane in Shawnee and the Little Axe Health Center located at 15951 Little Axe Drive in Norman.