Winter Storm Update

The Executive Committee has approved the use of the Multi-Purpose Building in Shawnee and the Little Axe Health Center as emergency warming shelters IF power outages occur. As of right now, the threat of this storm is brutal cold temperatures and hazardous roads. IF the shelters are opened, we will post information here and on the website. We know tribal members are worried about staying warm. Tribal members that are having trouble with their heaters not working properly can call Diane Ponkilla at 405.617.4105. If you begin to experience electrical issues i.e. power outages, please call our Winter Weather Call Line at 405.740.1562. We will continue to watch this storm and assess the situation and tribal member needs. Be sure to pass this information along to tribal members who don't use social media. We want to get the word out. Please stay inside if you can. Everyone be safe and warm.